Final Line Art

My art is a line art draining with four symmetric corner designs that blend into one another. It consists of 4 main elements. Bubbles, Rings, Lines, and worms. Each element has a different color and the color scheme consists of light and bright pinks, dark and deep reds, black, and white. I used a variety of shading on certain elements to create depth. To create it I created a design that was only 1/4 of the finished designed. Then I traced it with three other copies of the same design arranged in a certain way on a larger piece of paper. I then chose a color scheme and colored in the tracing. The idea behind my design was a sort of chaos within order type of look. I wanted straight clean elements along with random chaotic elements that all blend together to make a layered design. I chose the color scheme to look like something you’d associate with Valentines Day or love. That’s why I called it love. I wanted to be able to make a art piece that had a lot of depth but also a lot of intertwining elements. I wanted to do this through shading and lots of overlapping elements. Overall I’m very happy with my art. It took a lot of time and effort to complete and I’m proud of the result.

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